Light Weight Deflectometer / LWD Dynamic plate load test

Advantages of the Dynamic Plate Load Testing

.Fast and cost-saving

  • quick examination  – only 2 minutes per measuring point
  • measurement result immediately available
  • documentation directly at the site
  • no vehicle as counterweight necessary

Easy to use

  • low tare weight, ergonomic design
  • can easily be operated by one person
  • testing even in difficult-to-reach places
  • intuitive menu navigation
  • automatic storage, evaluation and archiving
  • detailed correlations to other test methods exist

Reliable and precise

  • manufactured according to newest technical standards
  • precise, robust, durable
  • calibrated by approved calibration institute
  • in use all over the world for more than 30 years

Advantages of quality assurance in road construction and civil engineering with FDW

  • proof of quality assurance reliably documented
  • cost saving through efficient self-monitoring
    e.g. avoidance of unnecessary compression works, saving of material
  • cost saving by defending warranty claims
    e.g. in landscaping for paving works of a surface, prepared by the contracto
  • time saving – the person responsible on site can decide immediately on the continuation of the construction project
  • higher quality of construction works through targeted management and control of compaction work